Gilgit Baltistan Goverment Cabinet Composition

Cabinet Composition

The present cabinet consist of Chief Minister, Ministers while the Parlimentary Secretaries are responsible to answer in the absence of concern Minister.


S.No Name Ministry
1 Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan
2 Muhammad Akbar Khan Senior Minister/Minister for water and Power/additional charge of Finance Department GB
3 Farman Ali Minister local Government and Fisheries Department
4 Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Minister Public Works and Law Department
5 Janbaz Khan Minister Agriculture and Live stock Department.
6 Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Sanai Minister for Education and Social Welfare Department GB.
7 Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Sanai Minister for Education and Social Welfare Department GB.
8 Mrs. Sobia Jabeen Muqaddam Minister for Women Development, Youth Affairs, Culture and Sports Department .
9 Mr. Haider Khan Minister for Excise and Taxation, Zakat & Usher and Co-operatives Department
10 Mr. Fida Khan Minister for Tourism
11 Mr. Iqbal Hassan Minister for Information Department.
12 Mr. Imran Wakeel Minister for Forest Department.

Parlimentary Secretaries:

In Term of Article-26 Chapter 4 of the Gilgit-Baltistan (Empowerment and Self Governance) Order 2009, the Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan is pleased to appoint Members of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly as Parlimentary Secretary for the departments mentioned against each.
S.N0 Name Departments
1. Mr. Barkat Jamil Tourism, Youth Affairs, Culture & Sports Department GB
2. Mr. Aurangzeb Khan
Law and Prosecution Department GB
3. Ghulam Hussain Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Development
4 Shireen Akhtar Parliamentary Secretary for Education.

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